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Twinning is an instrument for the cooperation between Public Administrations of EU Member States (MS) and of beneficiary countries. Beneficiaries include candidate countries and potential candidates to EU membership, as well as countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy.

More specifically, in the IPA region, Twinning aims to provide support for the transposition, implementation and enforcement of the EU legislation (the acquis).

It also strives to share good practices developed within the EU with beneficiary public administrations and to foster long-term relationships between administrations of existing and future EU countries.

Twinning projects are built around EU policy objectives agreed between the public authorities of the beneficiary country and the Member States. They include a broad variety of activities implemented by experts from Member States, leading to the achievement of mandatory results.

Two Project Leaders (one on behalf of the Member State leading the project, the other of the beneficiary administration) and a Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA) are the backbone of Twinning projects. The RTA coordinates the project and is seconded from the lead MS to the beneficiary administration for a minimum of 12 months. The work plan of a Twinning project usually foresees expert missions, training events and awareness raising visits.

Twinning Light

"Twinning Light" is designed to offer a more flexible, mid-term approach (up to six months) without the presence of a RTA permanently located in the beneficiary administration.

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Twinning network:

National Contact Points 'Institution Building' - Member States – April 2015pdf(427 kB)

National Contact Points 'Institution Building' – IPA Beneficiaries – August 2014pdf(157 kB)


Twinning Manual 2012 – Update 2013-2014 and annexes (valid for projects circulated from 1st January 2013):

In Englishzip(2 MB)

In Frenchzip(4 MB)

In Germanzip(4 MB)


Twinning Manual 2012 and Annexes (valid for Twinning contracts with letter of selection issued after 2 April 2012):

In Englishzip(2 MB)

In Frenchzip(2 MB)

In Germanzip(2 MB)


Twinning Manual 2009 and Annexes (valid for Twinning contracts with letter of selection issued after 15 September 2009):

In Englishzip(2 MB)

In Frenchzip(2 MB)

In German
zip(2 MB)

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