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Title Theme Year DP Id.
Business House 3E 2004 DK-24
Faktor 2007 4H 2004 DK-25
Promotion of education 4H 2004 DK-26
Competence tool kit 1A 2004 DK-27
Working cultures 1A 2004 DK-29
Gender, ethnicity and guidance 4H 2004 DK-30
Management with a personal style 4H 2004 DK-31
Lives to save - and to live 3E 2004 DK-32
Mpowermen2men 4H 2004 DK-33
PROFILE – PROmoting Female Innovation Learning and Entrepreneurship 4H 2004 DK-35
Clarification of real workplace competences 4H 2004 DK-36
Coherent counselling 1A 2004 DK-37
Qualification for being trade union representative 4H 2004 DK-38
Balancepunkt 4H 2004 DK-39
Vollsmose enterprise 4H 2004 DK-40
Want2work 5 2004 DK-41
Integration and development of immigrant businesses 1A 2004 DK-42


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