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Smart Cities and Communities

About the partnership - How do I get involved?

Working together to make our cities smarter

Cities are the major source of European economic activity and innovation. Every city is unique but also struggles with similar issues such as congestion, air pollution, raising energy costs etc. Smart urban technologies and services offer enormous prospects in this regard. However, greater concerted action between cities, industry, innovative SMEs, research organisations and civil society actors is needed to accelerate their roll-out.

This is the core intention of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Smart Cities and Communities. This Invitation for Commitments (deadline 15/06/2014) invites all stakeholders, to step forward and support the objectives of the EIP by communicating and sharing their ideas and plans for actions at the interface of energy, transport and information and communication technologies. We welcome existing initiatives as well as ambitions for the future.

Bringing together innovative ideas and actions from across Europe this way will help develop a dynamic market place for innovation exchange and partnering to the benefit of cities, citizens and companies. The Invitation for Commitments is distinct and independent from Calls under Horizon 2020; it is not a funding instrument.

The Invitation for Commitments closed on 15 June. Shortly you will find more information on the results and on the next steps on this website.

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Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform

We welcome anyone who is interested in becoming a member of the platform.

You can do so by filling in the registration form.

Being a member will allow you to:

  • have a voice at EU level. With our wide membership network of high-level stakeholders, you can directly affect debate on how to reach make our cities smarter at the highest level
  • meet potential partners and form partnerships to reach common goals
  • learn about best practices. Take advantage of the easy access to expertise at your disposal
  • be part of a dynamic group pushing for Smart European cities