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Task Force for Greece press conference in Athens

15.09.2011 - Horst Reichenbach, Head of the Task Force (TF) of the European Commission in charge of providing technical assistance to Greece held a press conference on 15 September to report on his first round of meetings with the Greek authorities during his first visit. With the aim to identify all possible ways of cooperation, Mr Reichenback stressed that the TF will help to implement Greece's reform programme and to better absorb financial means coming from EU structural funds. Located both in Brussels and in Athens, the TF would also channel the large good will of other EU Member States.

Mr Reichenbach defined TF priorities in two categories. The first concerns assistance to Greece in coping with its budgetary challenges. Actions will include arranging a better tax collection system, developing e-governance to be used more widely, and reforming the public health system. The second category is about getting Greece back on a path towards growth, employment creation and competitiveness, acknowledging the difficult experience of the Greek population. Action will include ensuring better use of the structural funds (infrastructure, energy, tourism, industry, training) and making Greece more attractive for investment and enterprise. Lack of liquidity of the Greek banking sector is seen as a big problem in this context.

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