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LAF database - The Lisbon methodology (LIME) Assessment Framework database

LAF is an analytical tool designed to help Member States identify policy measures to raise growth potential.


The database presents part of the work that the LIME group, a sub-committee of the Economic Policy Committee (EPC) has undertaken to track, analyse and model structural reforms under the Lisbon process for growth and jobs.
The focus of this work has been on identifying practical policy tools.

LAF database in brief

  • developed by the European Commission working together with the LIME group;
  • the first, quantitative step in the broader LAF methodology;
  • systematically compares GDP performance (levels and change) of all EU Member States across 20 policy areas affecting growth relative to a benchmark;
  • based on an extensive survey of the economic literature, and
  • provides consistent and transparent statistical examination of key indicators - mostly structural indicators developed by Eurostat and the Employment Committee (EMCO)

>>The Lisbon methodology (LIME) Assessment Framework database. LAF database



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