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 Directorate-General for Budget: Mission

Directorate-General for Budget (DG BUDG) has around 490 staff members. It is structured around five directorates and based in Brussels.

DG BUDG is the central service driving the execution of the full budgetary cycle, from the preparation of the draft budget to its implementation and the discharge by the European Parliament.

In particular DG BUDG operations cover the following key areas:

  1. manage EU expenditure through the multiannual financial framework (MFF)
  2. prepare the draft budget and contribute to the budgetary process;
  3. manage the system of own resources of the EU budget;
  4. manage the budgetary regulatory framework, in particular the Financial Regulation;
  5. report on the implementation of the budget;
  6. manage the central treasury;
  7. prepare the annual accounts of the Commission and of other bodies along with the annual consolidated accounts of the EU;
  8. support Commission’s departments in implementing the budget;
  9. promote sound financial management and a budget focused on results;
  10. manage the corporate IT system for financial management and accounting (ABAC);
  11. coordinate the discharge procedure from the preparation to the follow-up of the Parliament's and Council's discharge recommendations.

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