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 Presentation of the Directorate-General

The task of the Directorate-General for Budget is to secure from the budgetary authority - the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers - the resources needed to implement the Union's policies, to encourage sound management of Community funds and to account for the use of appropriations. It is made up of five directorates based in Brussels and has almost 420 staff.

The budgetary role of the Directorate-General is to manage Community expenditure in the medium-term financial perspective and at the same time to ensure that the annual budgetary procedure runs smoothly by promoting a constructive dialogue between the institutions.

Although the Directorate-General for Budget is not involved in the management of appropriations, which is carried out by the Commission's operational departments, it is responsible for collecting the Community's own resources from the Member States, who finance the Union budget.

The Directorate-General also includes the Commission's accounting department which draws up the Union's financial statements (the Commission's accounts and the consolidated accounts of the European institutions).

Finally, the Directorate-General prepares the rules governing the European Union's finances and, by offering advice and training, promotes sound financial management within Commission departments. In doing this, the Directorate-General plays a decisive role in the administrative reform process designed to give the institution a high-quality public administration with which to accomplish with maximum efficiency the tasks conferred on it by the Treaty.