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Dipukai (Displaced Persons)


The cycle of publicist shows "Dipukai .eu" is intended to retain the live memory about the persons, who due to Nazism and Stalinism regimes were forced to leave their motherland. 

Nazism and Stalinism regimes had especially painful consequences to the residents of the Baltic States. Therefore the political discussions in evaluating the results of these regimes, reached the European Parliament. Ten thousands of people during the World War II and after it had to leave their homeland, running from repressions. The witnesses, who remember the period of Nazism and Stalinism, decrease every year - Europe is losing its live memory. Therefore our objective is to collect the memories of "dipukai"- as emigrants from Lithuania call themselves - dispersed all over Europe, whose running from the motherland was determined by the historical events of Europe. We can still preserve the stories of Lithuanians, marked with Nazism and Stalinism regimes - how their families left Lithuania, how they built up in foreign countries. During the project the team of young professionals from England and Lithuania will create the cycle of documentary features about refugees, which will remind to Europe what difficult way it had to go, learning the lessons of tolerance. In cooperation with organizations that arrange the project, the meetings of creative team with "dipukai" will be arranged for collection of stories. One of the most important objectives of the project is educational. The movies will help to the young generation of Europeans to familiarize with recent, but painful European history. Audience will be attracted by broadcasting the documentary features in Lithuanian National Radio and Television, describing the stories of "dipukai" and putting them into the internet website.Further continuation of this project would be the stories about the destinies of German, Jewish, Polish people that lived in Lithuania, which were changed by the history of Europe in the middle of the 20th century.

Organisation: VŠĮ "Minčių studija"
Firstname: Dainius
Lastname: Pauliukonis
Address: Ratnyčios g. , 45-28, LT-08118, Vilnius
Country: LT
Phone: +37068692380

External Reference: 512051-EFC-1-2010-1-LT-EFC-REM

Partner: Europäisches Litauisches Kulturzentrum in Deutschland e.V.
Country: -

Starting Date: 1 October 2010
Ending Date: 30 September 2011

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