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Enjoy, it's from Europe
On 1 December 2015, the newly revised policy on information provision and promotion measures concerning agricultural products started to apply.

The revised policy, with a wider scope of measures and a more substantial budget, is intended to act as key for opening up new markets and will be implemented in the internal market and in third countries.

Based on a strategy established at European level, and under the slogan 'Enjoy, it´s from Europe' , the policy aims to help the sector's professionals break into international markets and make consumers more aware of the efforts made by European farmers to provide quality products.

Annual Work Programme

A key element of the new promotion policy is the establishment of an annual work programme setting out the strategic priorities for promotion measures in terms of:

  • products
  • schemes and markets to be targeted
  • corresponding allocated budgets

On this basis, calls for proposals will be published, detailing the different types of funding schemes available and the procedures to follow.

Annual Work Programme for 2017:

Role of Chafea

The Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) is entrusted by the European Commission to execute the following tasks:

  • Publication of calls for proposals and evaluation of proposals for both simple and multi promotional programmes;
  • Award of grants and management of  grant agreements for multi programmes;
  • Launch and conclusion of procurement procedures and management of the ensuing contracts relating to provision of information services, as well as the organisation of events and communication campaigns both inside and outside the EU.
How to apply for funding

As from 2016, the Calls for Proposals will be published in parallel on the webpages of Chafea and on the EU Research & Innovation Participant Portal.

The electronic submission and grant management system, already used by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation, will be used for the submission and evaluation of programme proposals.

In case of multi programmes, it will also be used for the preparation and monitoring of grant agreements, as well as for the technical and financial reporting.

The evaluation of proposals is done with the help of external experts.

While Chafea will ensure a complete electronic lifecycle for multi programmes' grants, simple programmes will continue to be managed by the competent national authorities.

In the coming weeks, a complete set of guidance documents will be published to accompany potential applicants in drafting and submission of project proposals.

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