Activities in Selianitika

Selianitika, Greece
Young people who live in the area of Selianitika will have the opportunity to participate to 3 activities dedicated for the European Youth Week focused on social inclusion, ecology and active citizenship. During the "Solidarity Track"...

High School Students of Nea Smyrni Meets the Hellenic Parliament: The Art of Debating

Athens, Greece
Students from the 2nd High School of Nea Smyrni will participate in a workshop organised by the Hellenic Parliament and the Hellenic Parliament Television. The students will work on an interactive educational application using avatars which is going...

Treasure Hunt

Athens, Greece
Erasmus students, university students and young people will take part to a Treasure Hunt around the centre of Athens.

Antigone foe European Youth Week

Thessaloniki, Greece
2 acivities will take place focused on solidarity and social inclusion. Young people will participate in workshops, ice- breaking games and energizers in order to learn from each other, work in teams and in solidarity. Young participants will also...

The meaning of the expression of feelings

Trikala, Greece
Primary school students will have the opportunity to recognize the value of other people through non-formal learning and experiential games. The event will focus on the storytelling methodology where the young participants will take part in games,...

Activating and empowering young peoplε

Kallikrateia, Greece
In a city of Halkidiki, young people, high school and university students will take part in working groups in order to develop concrete proposals on the participation of young people in the fight against the phenomenon of in-school racism. The...

Active Participation: Oxygen of Democracy

Siatista, Greece
A Conference will take place in the city of Siatista where young people from the region will present short videos on "The European Republic is injured every day ....". The Conference will be supported by scientists, experts and young...

Play and Dance together

Ilion, Athens, Greece
Young people and members of Tyrtaios will participate in an event which aims at promoting the active participation of young people with disabilities and raising awareness of young people without disabilities through joint actions. Young people with...

Shape it, Move it, Be it in Ioannina

Ioannina, Greece
In the city of Ioannina, a two-day street event will take place where young people can learn, entertain and express their opinion. The event will be attended by volunteers, active schools in volunteering and Europe Direct of Epirus in order to...

Lifeboat Activity & Passport Activity

Athens, Greece
The informal groups "Europe Express", "Youth Come on Greece", "Act for Art" and "CISV Greece" will organise 2 workshops named "Lifeboat Activity" and "Passport Activity" aiming at raising...

From Plato to European Union

Kozani, Greece
In the center of Kozani, young people and university students will participate to an information day which focuses on Structured Dialogue for issues raised in Plato's Dialogues and in contemporary era. Workshops, interactive simulation,...

European Youth Week in Serres

Serres, Greece
In the city of Serres, young people will take part in a bicycle track during which they will promote Erasmus+/Youth, European Solidarity Corps, youth mobility across Europe and European Youth Week. Among the other open activities, a football...

In the constellation of Europe

Heraklion, Greece
This workshop will bring together young people from Heraklion who will play the board game named “In the constellation of Europe”. This game will be a fascinating “trip” to the 28 EU Member States and the participants will...

Youth Agora

Thessaloniki, Greece
The event concerns a simulation of the Greek Ancient Agora which aims at promoting the participation of young people in democratic life and raising the awareness of the community in order to create an environment of inclusion and solidarity for its...

Artistic Intervention

Glyka Nera, Peania, Greece
Young students, aged 16-18, will create a canvas about Eropean values of solidarity, social inclusion, democracy and active citizenship.

Solidarity on artistic move

Mitilini, Greece
3 workshops will take place in the island of Lesvos, where mixed groups of young refugees and Greek young people will create work of arts about solidarity, friendship and peaceful living. The exhibits will be created based on artistic methods and...

Play and Learn under the Athenian Sun

Athens, Greece
The "Play and Learn under the Athenian Sun" is an open- space event in the very center of Athens, where the participants will take place to interactive group activities focusing on social inclusion and art...