"2 Dudes and the Germans" is an EVS (European Voluntary Service) band project initiated by us, 7 international volunteers.

2017 is the year of children and youth culture and we would like to leave our mark on it.

That's why we're travelling around Estonia performing in different social and educational institutions during the last week of April 2017.

We invite all of you to come to the shows, enjoy OUR version of famous songs and be part of our extraordinary journey! For the dates see below:Monday, 24th of April 10.00 a.m. Tallinna Kullatera LasteaedMagdaleena 11, 11312 TallinnMonday, 24th of April4.00 p.m.Peeteli Kiriku SotsiaalkeskusPreesi 5, 10320 TallinnMonday, 24th of April7.00 p.m.Pääsküla noortekeskusRännaku pst 1, 10919 TallinnTuesday, 25th of April11.00 a.m.Kullamaa KeskkoolKullamaa vald90701 LäänemaaTuesday, 25th of April5.00 p.m.Pärnu Noorte VabaajakeskusNoorte Väljak 2, 80032, PärnuWednesday 26th of April9.30 a.m.Kilingi-Nõmme Lasteaed KrõllAia 1, 86304 Kilingi-NõmmeWednesday, 26th of April3.00 p.m.Tõrva KoduRaba tn 6, 68606 TõrvaWednesday, 26th of April6.30 p.m.Valga Avatud NoortekeskusJ. Kuperjanovi 9, Valga, 68203 ValgamaakondThursday, 27th of April10.00 a.m.SA PerekoduKase tee 2Jämejala küla, Viljandi vald71024 ViljandimaaThursday, 27th of April1.30 p.m.Karula KoduViljandi vald, 71070 Viljandi valdFriday, 28th of April3.00 p.m.Lille Maja noortekeskusLille 9, 51010 Tartu, EstlandFriday, 28th of April6.30 p.m.Koosa NoorteklubiKoosa küla, Vara vald, TartumaaSaturday, 29th of April2.00 p.m.Paide Avatud NoortekeskusLai 33, Paide, 72716 Järva maakond