Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE), National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme, would like to invite youth, youth workers, and everyone interested to a celebratory event of the European Youth Week in Poland, which will take place on the 9th of May in Warsaw.

The event will consist of two parts: workshops for youth and youth workers, and a debate on the theme of online voluntary services. Key themes for the debate are: Network – Voluntary service – Solidarity. During the debate, the following themes will be discussed by youth, youth-workers and policy makers:

  • Is youth interested in digitalization? Are young people aware of the possibilities and dangers it conveys?
  • How young people see themselves in 20 years? How do they perceive the future of Europe?
  • Is online activity a chance for a faster and more effective help? What discourages young people from taking action?
  • What is the meaning of solidarity nowadays?

A concert of a band Lily Hates Roses in the gardens of the Library of the University of Warsaw will conclude the celebration of the event.

Expected number of participants: