Over the years, the European Commission has implemented several successful Youth initiatives, most notably the Youth in Action and Youth on the Move programmes.

Youth in Action

The Youth in Action programme provides grants to youth organisations and other NGOs that help young people participate in projects such as youth exchanges, youth initiatives or the European Voluntary Service. The aim of the programme is to inspire a sense of active European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among Europeans between the ages of 13 and 30, and to encourage their involvement in shaping the EU's future. This has been particularly crucial during the current economic crisis, which disproportionately affects young people.

The Youth in Action Programme has helped to:

  • promote young people's non-formal learning mobility within and beyond the EU borders through educational activities outside schools;
  • develop young people's skills and foster their active participation in society;
  • give young people the chance to develop the sense of responsibility, self-sufficiency and confidence necessary for success, regardless of their educational, social and cultural backgrounds.

The programme has funded a wide range of activities within the scope of the following five actions:

  • Youth for Europe
  • European Voluntary Service
  • Youth in the World
  • Youth Support Systems
  • European Cooperation in the youth field

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Youth on the Move

Through the Youth on the Move programme, the European Union has offered grants to young people so that they can make the most of possibilities that exist in other countries.

While Member States set up their own national job plans, the EU’s 'Youth on the Move' and the 'Youth Opportunities' initiatives have demonstrated the benefits of a Europe-wide approach.

Here are some of the tools Youth on the Move has used to successfully match young people to opportunities:

  • A Youth on the Move website, which provides a single point of access to information about opportunities to study or gain work experience abroad, including advice about EU grants and individual rights.
  • A European student lending facility to support students who wish to study or train abroad.
  • A global university ranking system to provide a more complete picture of higher education performance.
  • A European microfinance facility that provides financial support to help young entrepreneurs set up or develop their businesses.
  • A 'Youth Guarantee' scheme that ensures that all young people will be in a job, a training scheme or work experience within four months of leaving school.

Youth on the Move website

Further examples of Youth success stories can be found on EVE, the new electronic platform for the dissemination and exploitation of results of projects supported by the European Commission's programmes.