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Youthpass graphic

A fresh look at Youthpass

Learning is not restricted to the classroom. Erasmus+ also supports the recognition and visibility of non-formal and informal learning through the Youthpass certificate.

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Have your say on Erasmus+

The Commission wants to hear from young people, students, teachers, youth workers, organisations, employers and more as it shapes the programme's future.

European Youth Week

Don't miss the European Youth Week 2017

Since 2003, European Youth Week has provided a popular and exciting opportunity for young people to get involved in EU politics by sharing their opinions and learning about opportunities offered to them by European Programmes.

Towards a European Pillar of Social Rights

Towards a European Pillar of Social Rights

On 23 January, the Commission held a conference in Brussels to discuss the 2016 public consulation on the upcoming European Pillar on Social Rights.