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Joining hands in solidarity - watch our new video

We invited young people during European Youth Week 2017 to join hands for solidarity. The European Solidarity Corps gives a a life-changing opportunity to young people to volunteer or work in places where their passion, commitment and enthusiasm are needed the most. Become part of it and keep lending a hand!

Youth Creating Solutions for Meaningful Participation

Empowering young people to make positive changes

Across the world, the EU is taking steps to encourage young people to get involved in maintaining and building up participatory societies. To mark International Youth Day, we are highlighting an Erasmus+ project that travelled to Asia to work on empowering young people to bring positive changes into their countries.

Photo from the Eastern Partnership Youth conference

Eastern Partnership Youth Forum: a success

From 22 to 23 June, the 3rd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum was held in Warsaw, Poland. The event included over 300 participants from 39 countries, and provided an opportunity for youth leaders, workers, and policymakers to meet and decide how they can work together to improve prospects for young people in Europe and its neighbouring region.

European Voluntary Service

Getting to know Africa though volunteering

Did you know that the European Voluntary Service (EVS) has partnerships outside of Europe? Young people have been volunteering in Africa - helping to foster EU-African cooperation and developing skills at the same time. Read the story of Csíki, an EVS volunteer in Benin.

Save the planet - evs20

How to do your part in the battle against climate change and save the planet

Do you want to do your part to combat climate change? Or save the planet? There are plenty of European Voluntary Service (EVS) opportunities under the topic of sustainability. Take part in 1 of the projects offered by EVS-accredited organisations across Europe, and give something back.

Yiorgos Psychas, Greece

Learn from the best: Introducing 2 Mediterranean men who protect nature

Both Yiorgos from Greece and Aykut from Turkey work with land and embrace nature on a day-to-day basis. Both of these Mediterranean men have inspiring stories to tell about their work in the field of sustainable economy, rural development and agriculture. From tackling the European rural crisis to supporting young people, these men are positive examples of sustainability.