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Youth join hands

Join hands for Europe and solidarity!

Join your hands together for Europe! As part of the 2017 European Youth Week and as a way to encourage young people to join the European Solidarity Corps, we invited everyone across Europe to stand up and unite their hands in human chains to show their solidarity and commitment to continue building an inclusive and diverse EU. You could do it before, during or after European Youth week from 1 to 7 May.

Youth changing lives

Meet young Europeans who are changing lives

How do you encourage young people to become more active citizens? In the past, young Europeans participated in society by voting in elections or getting involved in community activities. These aren’t the only options. For European Youth Week 2017, we found 33 people who changed the lives and mind-set of thousands by doing something truly meaningful. Supported by Erasmus+, they encourage more young people to get engaged, make their voices heard and move the walls.

The latest update on European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps is starting to take shape! Around 28,000 young people have registered, hundreds of organisations have used the portal, several thousand registered young people have been contacted and dozens of placement offers have been made. After these achievements, we are excited for what’s in store next.

European Youth Week

European Youth Week 2017 begins

This week is European Youth Week. From 1-7 May, events and activities will be organised across Europe celebrating the solidarity and social commitment of young people in Europe.

European Youth Week

Ready for European Youth Week? It's just around the corner!

Young people will be celebrated across Europe during European Youth Week on 1-7 May 2017. The aim of this eighth edition is to highlight the solidarity shown by young people and the contribution they can make to society, to celebrate the Erasmus+ programme, and to give young people in Europe a voice by listening to their ideas on how to shape the future of EU youth policy.

Phoebe Rosel from the Netherlands

From childhood dream to dream job through EVS

Thanks to the European Voluntary Service, Phoebe's childhood dream to work with animals has become a reality. By following studies and training with her goal always in mind, she has landed her dream job as a primate caretaker.

Help shape the future of Erasmus+!

Wondering what the impact of international mobility or cooperation programmes is in the areas of education, training, youth and sport? We need you!