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Ever thought of getting involved in youth projects outside Europe? With capacity-building projects in the field of youth, it's possible.

Through Erasmus+, the European Commission has been funding capacity-building projects between organisations active in the field of youth in Erasmus+ programme countries and ACPALA countries (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific and Latin America) since 2014. The projects are submitted by organisations from programme countries, and may also include mobility activities.

These projects bring young people and youth workers from programme countries and the rest of the world together to learn from each other's experiences, traditions, cultures, differences and similarities. 

One example of a successful capacity building initiative is the Facing the Gap project. Engaging young people from the UK, Malta, Hungary and China, the project aimed to develop and advocate for the use of drama and theatre in youth work. With a focus on artistic creation and expression, the initiative built on the importance of opening spaces where young people could have the freedom to reach new and shared understandings as well as take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Drawing on a common vision and theoretical background, project partners devised and implemented a comprehensive methodology to engage young people on artistic initiatives.’ The focus was a play written specifically for the project. The 4 parts of the play reflected the situation in each partner country through events happening in the future.


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