Too tired to take evening language classes, but want to enhance your language skills? Take part in an exciting youth exchange or European Voluntary Service project abroad and learn a language from zero! We have proof that it works.

The recent study on the impact of transnational volunteering through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) shows not only a very positive impact on the volunteers' personal development, social capital and private life (as well on their employability and career), but also on improving their language skills.

Nearly all volunteers feel they improved their language skills, both in the local language and in English, during EVS. While most volunteers start learning the local language from zero, they usually become highly proficient by the end of their EVS. Equally strong is the impact on improving English.

Moreover, participating in EVS often increases volunteers’ knowledge about, and interest in, other countries and cultures. It can also create different perspectives and ways of thinking in volunteers. EVS participants tend to become more open to other cultures and often overcome cultural differences.

Want more proof of the benefits? The ‘Research-based Analysis of Erasmus+: Youth in Action’ (RAY) asked Erasmus+ Youth Project participants and leaders to consider a number of skills and state how much they have improved thanks to participating in the Erasmus+ programme. More than 90% of all respondents agreed that their abilities improved for two particular skills: the ability to get along with people of different cultural backgrounds, and the ability to communicate with people speaking another language.

Looking forward to have you as one of the future respondents in our surveys! We invite you to reply in a different language than your own – if you are up for the challenge.