At Euro 2016 there was a group of people who left France satisfied, no matter the football results. These were young volunteers between 18-30 years old who had the opportunity to help organise events and a wide range of activities around stadiums across the 10 cities where matches were played.

In all, nearly 130 young Europeans took part in ‘EVS and Soccer Euro 2016’ supported by the Erasmus+ programme. One of the largest groups to take part was the ‘ambassadors of Europe’, within the ‘Les ambassadeurs de l’Europe, c’est nous!’ project organised by the House of Europe Bordeaux Aquitaine.

This project got 30 young French hosts involved with civic service to team up with 30 volunteers from a range of European countries. Each pair became ambassadors for European values of tolerance and diversity. The pairs worked in the bustling fan area around the stadium and contributed to special events set up for the football celebrations – all with the aim of encouraging intercultural exchange around sport.

The European Voluntary Service gives young people the opportunity to volunteer abroad. As an organisation, you can get financial support to run a project involving one or more international volunteers in your activities. Learn more here!