The European Solidarity Corps is starting to take shape! Around 28,000 young people have registered, hundreds of organisations have used the portal, several thousand registered young people have been contacted and dozens of placement offers have been made. After these achievements, we are excited for what’s in store next.

Moving forward, the legislative proposal for the European Solidarity Corps, scheduled for May 2017, will build on and consolidate the current first phase. It will lay the basis for a robust roll-out of the programme in order to allow 100,000 young people to take part by the end of 2020.

How did we get to this point? The European Commission arranged both an open public consultation and targeted consultations through meetings with stakeholders from civil society, labour market actors and national authorities. This concluded with a dedicated Stakeholder Forum that took place on 12 April and gathered different views and suggestions on the features of the upcoming legislative proposal. Altogether 660 individuals and organisations responded to the public consultation online and around 700 people - including young people and organisations working with the European Voluntary Service - attended the Stakeholder Forum.

The feedback from young people, organisations, civil society and national authorities that has been received so far is largely positive in terms of the initiative giving more opportunities for young people. Many stakeholders highlighted the need for a flexible and inclusive approach which takes into account the different needs among young people and organisations.