Across the world, the EU is taking steps to encourage young people to get involved in maintaining and building up participatory societies. To mark International Youth Day, we are highlighting an Erasmus+ project that travelled to Asia to work on empowering young people to bring positive changes into their countries.

Youth Creating Solutions for Meaningful Participation aimed to increase the knowledge and skills of youth to actively engage at local and national level, tackle societal concerns and promote democracy and human rights.

Young people and youth workers or trainers working with youth from Finland, Slovenia, Bangladesh and Nepal collaborated to design and run four international training programs attended by hundreds of local young people. In addition, project partners produced a toolkit to support youth workers, youth leaders and activists. The toolkit addresses topics such as non-formal education as part of youth work, human rights, development and democracy, and participation of women in decision making. It provides examples of exercises and methods which can serve as inspiration for your trainings and workshops.

The project helped to build relationships between youth organisations in Europe and Asia, creating wide-reaching networks that will benefit many others in the future. Participants shared good practices and practical methods on strengthening the active participation of youth. They learnt that many of the challenges faced by young people nowadays can be tackled through cooperation, peer learning and sharing experiences across borders.

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The project has been selected as a success story. Success stories are finalised projects that have distinguished themselves by their impact, contribution to policymaking, innovative results or creative approach.

To find inspiration from other funded projects and success stories, visit the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform. The platform is an ever-growing resource of information as more than 86,000 projects are now included.

Photo: Taken from the toolkit - Asmita, Demo Finland, Mreža MaMa & Odhikar 2015