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Since 2003, European Youth Week has provided a popular and exciting opportunity for young people to get involved in EU politics by sharing their opinions and learning about opportunities offered to them by European Programmes. This year the week will take place 1-7 May all across Europe.  As part of Erasmus+ 30 year anniversary, this edition of the week will focus on explaining Erasmus+ opportunities and promoting solidarity and the newly launched European Solidarity Corps. Learn more about the achievements of our youth and how you can get involved.

Young people are making a big difference in Europe. Volunteering and active participation in politics, or local or national society is not reserved only for adults. European Youth Week will engage thousands of young people in activities, events and discussions on topics which are important to them. The last edition of the week 2 years ago included around 1,124 events at national, regional and local levels, directly engaging 137,000 people. The week celebrates inspiring young people who have made a change in their community, developed innovative ideas, or made other remarkable contributions to challenges faced in Europe. The week will inform young people of how they can take part in the European Solidarity Corps and fully benefit from the diverse opportunities offered by Erasmus+.

A conference takes place during the European Youth Week in Brussels to talk about future EU Youth Strategy and its priorities. The discussions will include a wide range of youth policy experts, Member State authorities, youth workers, youth organisations and young people. An event to enjoy European Youth Week 2017 is likely taking place near you. 

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