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The expert group set up under the EU Work Plan for Youth for 2014-2015 presented the following results to the Council Youth Working Party on 15 December 2015:

  • an overview of young people's challenges and the specific contribution of youth work and non-formal and informal learning to address these challenges
  • ready-to-use messages for public employment services and other Youth Guarantee providers, employers, policymakers and young people
  • concrete good practice examples
  • recommendations on how to use these messages

The report clearly demonstrates the link between youth work principles and practice and its contribution to addressing the challenges young people are facing.

The expert group is of the view that awareness of the broad contribution and further potential of youth work in the lives of individuals and society as a whole should be raised. This not only concerns its role in providing young people with opportunities to develop their skills and improve their employability, but also its role in the inclusion of young people in society and unlocking their potential.

The findings and results can be used by many different groups and stakeholders working with and for young people. The expert group urges all stakeholders to ensure that the principles and practices articulated in this report result in concrete action and ultimately enhance the job prospects and social inclusion of young people in Europe.