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Participation in non-formal learning activities allows young people to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that are frequently said to be needed in the labour market. This includes teamwork, communication, leadership, flexibility and responsiveness. This also comprises discovering one's entrepreneurial and innovative potential, by defining problems, coming up with ways of dealing with them and sticking to a chosen course of action.

The expert group on "Promoting the creativity and innovative capacity of young people through non-formal and informal learning linked to their employability" was established following a request from the Council of Ministers responsible for Youth pdfin May 2012. The expert group analysed state-of-play in policy, relevant research literature and concrete examples from practice as a basis for policy recommendations. On this basis, the report identifies a need for greater recognition of non-formal learning and recommends actions for example to better explain non-formal learning to employers and educators, translate non-formal learning outcomes to the world of work, encourage youth entrepreneurship and promote partnerships and cross-sector innovation.

Full PDF report available here