Last March Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou announced a review of the Structured Dialogue with Young People and Youth Organisations at the EU Youth Conference in Dublin.

The first phase of this review was completed in Brussels during the European Youth Week 2013, when representatives of National Working Groups and some International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations (INGYO) endorsed Conclusions for the future conduct and development of the Structured Dialogue. These Conclusions served as the background document for the conference marking the second phase of the review.

The second phase of the review took place in the form of a conference organised by the European Commission from 26-27 November 2013, which involved all the main actors of the Structured Dialogue: it gathered representatives of national youth authorities, representatives of National Working Groups (including representatives of National Youth Councils), the European Youth Forum (including representatives of INGYOs), the European Steering Committee and the European Commission. Following discussions in four dedicated workshops, the participants at this conference endorsed Joint Recommendations for the future conduct and development of the Structured Dialogue.

The Joint Recommendations, as handed over to a senior representative of the Greek national youth authority, are expected to feed into a Council Resolution on Structured Dialogue to be adopted during the incoming Greek Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers. This Council Resolution will mark the third and final phase of the review process.

For more information please see:

Joint Recommendations endorsed at the Structured Dialogue conference, Brussels, 26-27 November 2013 

European Youth Week 2013 – The Structured Dialogue Conclusions from May 2013doc(49 kB)