The event was organised to celebrate the significant achievements of Euro Mediterranean cooperation in youth field but also with the aim of increasing the visibility of the EuroMed Cooperation with key partners from the youth field, enhancing the achievements of the Euro-Mediterranean Youth cooperation by sharing good practices and giving a new impetus for future partnership and cooperation within the future generation of the Youth in Action and EuroMed Youth programmes.

Among the 43 projects (17 for the EuroMed Youth Programme and 26 for the Youth in Action Programme) that competed,  10 projects have been awarded in the four categories corresponding to the actions of the Youth in action and the EuroMed Youth programmes: youth exchange, voluntary service, seminar and training course and two have been granted a jury special prize for Supporting peace development process in EuroMed Youth and for the Long term strategic approach in a training activity in Youth in action.

More information on the event and the awarded projects: