A Flash Eurobarometers survey on European Youth: Participation in Democratic Life has been carried out in Spring 2013, the report is now available.

The introduction of the Report explains, that the primary objective of the Flash Eurobarometer survey “European Youth: Participation in Democratic Life” was to study young EU citizens’ participation in society, with special reference to attitudes towards participation in elections and intentions to participate in the European elections in 2014. For this survey, only respondents aged 15 to 30 were considered.

One of the Key findings of this Eurobarometer indicates, that almost two thirds (64%) of young Europeans intend to vote in the 2014 European Parliament elections whereas around one third (35%) say they are unlikely to do so. To read about further findings, e.g. on the most frequently mentioned reasons for voting or not voting, have a look at the Eurobarometer report: Eurobarometer report, summary and fact sheets by country