The European Commission is pleased to announce that the new European Youth Portal has been made available to public at

This completely redeveloped site provides information and details of opportunities across all eight themes of the EU Youth Strategy. It contains feature articles, news items and events, with information at a European level and for all 33 countries that are part of the European Union's "Youth in Action Programme". The site is also multi-lingual, with content available in the chosen national languages of the countries, plus English where relevant.

This is the first release of the European Youth Portal redevelopment programme, with plans to add more interactive services and specialised volunteering services in future phases. Visitors are encouraged to take part in an online survey through the website to give their feedback on how the site could be improved for the future.

The European Youth Portal has been redeveloped by the European Commission, in close collaboration with Eurodesk Brussels Link and the Europe-wide network of national Eurodesk organisations. It replaces the old European Youth Portal, which was launched in 2004 as a gateway to other websites of potential interest to young people.

Additional information:
EU Youth Strategy 
The EU Youth Strategy came into force at the start of 2010. The European Youth Portal is one of the support tools for this strategy. More information on the EU Youth Strategy can be found at: /internet/

Eurodesk is the main provider of information on European policies and opportunities for young people and those who work with them. More information about the organisation can be found at