According to a new Eurobarometer poll on European Youth: Participation in Democratic Life, 64% of young people say they are likely to vote in the 2014 European elections with only 28% of the respondents being certain that they will vote. The primary objective of the survey conducted in April 2013 amogst 13.000 young people was to study young EU citizens’ participation in society, with special reference to attitudes towards participation in elections and intentions to participate in the European elections in 2014.

The Commission has also released a study realised by the London School of Economics on "Youth participation in Democratic life", according to which young people are interested in political issues that concern them and willing to contribute. They want politics to change, but they also want to participate in it.
Finally, a Report on Political Participation and EU citizenship produced by the Eurydice and Policy Support Unit in the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission examines recent Eurobarometer surveys on European citizenship, Europeans' engagement in participatory democracy and European elections, and looks at how young people define their own citizenship and judge different forms Of political participation.

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