The 2012 Salto Participation magazine focuses on young people's entrepreneurship and e-participation as important factors helping them to better cope with challenges on the labour market and in society. Experts from various fields - education, employment, EU single market - as well as non-formal learning practitioners outline why these fields have become increasingly important and how Youth in Action projects help young people develop useful transversal skills.

Even though a business carrier is not suitable for everyone and it is not a panacea for the youth unemployment, for many young people it can provide a long-term route out of insecurity, making room for economic independence and social integration. Non-formal learning with its emphasis on empowering young people by helping them discover their strengths and talents, boosting their personal development and stimulating a broad range of skills and attitudes is a good vehicle for entrepreneurship education. And so are non-formal learning methods - learning through personal experience, by carrying out concrete, practical tasks.

Digital skills, information literacy as well as social competencies can enable young people in Europe to interact and communicate on issues important for society at large or to get involved in the life of local communities by using e.g. participatory media. The popularity of social networks, that have fundamentally changed the posture of passive consumption of media, is a new opportunity for democratic participation of young people.

The SALTO Participation is one of the SALTO Youth Resource Centres, support structures set up by the European Commission in 2000 that contributes to the quality of the Youth in Action programme and more generally to the quality of youth work in Europe. The SALTO Participation  promotes the concept of young people's participation and active citizenship as a transversal educational principle as well as providing support for the Youth in Action projects through different tools (booklets, annual magazines, best practice database) and activities (seminars, training courses).

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