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Summary of Treaty

Official Title Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the European Community on the one hand, and the Government of Denmark and the Home Rule Government of Greenland, on the other hand
Type of Agreement Bilateral
Place of Signature Brussels
Date of Signature 28/06/2007
Date of Entry Into Force 02/07/2007
Duration Indefinite
Objective of Agreement The objectives of the agreement are the following: - to promote responsible fishing in the Greenlandic EEZ on the basis of the principles of non-discrimination between the different fleets fishing in those waters, without prejudice to the Protocol; - to make the Parties cooperate with a view to defining, by common accord, objectives for the implementation of sectoral fisheries policy adopted by Greenland and shall to that end initiate a policy dialogue on the necessary reforms. The Greenland authorities hereby undertake to inform the Community authorities when further significant measures in this area are adopted; - to ensure that this the principles of good environmental, economic and social governance are sufficiently taken into account when implementing this agreement. To this end the Parties shall carry out, at the request of one of them, ex ante, ongoing and ex post evaluations, both jointly and unilaterally, of measures, programmes and actions for the implementation of this Agreement.
Remarks See in View Other Relevant Treaty the Protocol (OJ L293 of 20/10/2012, p.5) signed on 18/09/2012 in Brussels. Provisional application as from 1 January 2013. The negotiation and implementation of bilateral fisheries agreements between the European Community and third countries is a key component of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The aim of the agreements is to promote responsible and sustainable fisheries in the waters of non EU countries by providing the European fleet with access only to surplus fish resources in the territorial waters of those countries and, in particular, by supporting their fisheries policies. With the reform of the CFP in 2002, the once access arrangements with a financial contribution have since become genuine partnerships for the development of sustainable and responsible fisheries ("Fisheries Partnership Agreements - FPAs"). In these Partnership Agreements, the political dialogue on fisheries between the two Parties is reinforced and a percentage of the financial contribution attached to the agreement is earmarked to support the sectoral fisheries policy in the third country with a view to introducing responsible and sustainable fishing. These FPAs provide the framework of the bilateral relations in the fisheries sector. The specific conditions (technical, financial, type of resources, etc.) of the agreements are laid down in Protocols, each of which runs for a renewable period of several years. The European Community has a longstanding relation with Greenland on fisheries. With its entry into force the Fisheries Partnership Agreement will replace the Framework Agreement which dates back to 1985 together with its Fourth Protocol under the Framework Agreement which expired on 31 December 2006. The Fisheries Partnership Agreement, accompanied by a Protocol and its Annex, has been signed for a period of six years and remains in force unless terminated. The Fisheries Partnership Agreement provides also for closer economic cooperation in the fishing industry through the possibility of setting up and development of joint enterprises involving companies from both parties and the promotion of temporary joint ventures in Greenland. The Protocol lays down the fishing opportunities for Community vessels, the financial contribution, the categories of fishing activities for Community vessels in the Greenlandic EEZ and the conditions governing them. The Protocol covers a period of six years.
OJ Reference L172, 30/06/2007, p. 4
Contracting Parties European Community, Denmark, Greenland
Authentic Texts Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian , Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish
Subject Matters Fisheries
Duration (Conditions) Article 12 Agreement
Entry into force conditions Article 16 Agreement
Suspension Article 13 Agreement
Territorial application Article 11 Agreement
Management Joint Committee (Article 10)
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Ratification Status NOT
Conclusion Decision Council Regulation (EC) No 753/2007 of 28 June 2007 on the conclusion of the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the European Community on the one hand, and the Government of Denmark and the Home Rule Government of Greenland, on the other hand; OJ L172 of 30/06/2007, p.1
Competence Exclusive
Legal Basis Treaty EC: Article 37

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