Representation in United Kingdom

Two young Brits competing in EU Contest for Young Scientists


EU Contest for Young Scientists
EU Contest for Young Scientists

Two young British scientists join their peers in the annual EU contest that brings together the best and brightest young researchers to showcase their projects and exchange ideas.


Joshua Luke Mitchell came up with a cheap and easy to use 3D printer. Emily Shao Ting Xu's research focused on exploring the different methods of metal organic frameworks synthesis and conditions for enantiomeric separation (separating molecules which are mirror images of each other but may react differently with certain other substances, which can be important in medicine, among other fields).

This year 90 projects from 38 countries are competing. The winners will be announced on 18 September.

Since the launch of the contest in 1989, young Brits have often been among the prizewinners. In 2016, four young British scientists received special awards for two projects: a wheelchair accessible modified car and a study on the glacial period in South Wales. In 2014, British twin sisters Aneeta and Ameeta Kumar won third prize for their cancer research.

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