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Newsletter planning ahead from 6 December to 31 December

This newsletter summarises the main UK media-friendly events, announcements and visits scheduled by the European Commission – as well as think-tanks and other stakeholders in London – for the month ahead. It provides media advisory and background information for journalists. All information is provisional and the European Commission reserves the right to make changes.

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Commissioner visits to the UK

None currently planned for the period

Brussels Agenda and sources

All dates subject to change. For all announcements below, comprehensive press material will be made available on the day on the Commission's press release database, Rapid.

Details of times of press conferences, live streaming and on-demand access via Europe by Satellite.

4-6 December, Vienna – ICT 2018: Imagine digital – connect Europe

This research and innovation event focuses on the EU's priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. It is an opportunity for people involved in this transformation to share their experience and vision of Europe in the digital age. A policy conference will discuss topics such as artificial intelligence, 5G, culture in the digital age and disinformation. There is also an exhibition where visitors can meet EU-funded innovators and researchers and see first-hand their work. An innovation and start-ups forum brings together market-oriented innovators and investors.


13-14 December, Brussels – European Council

The European Council will focus on the EU's long-term budget, single market, migration and external relations.


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UK events

6 December, Chatham House, London – Europe and its neighbourhood 2018: conflict prevention and crisis management in the 21st century

Chatham House will host a conference that will focus on political, security and societal challenges for Europe and its neighbouring regions. Sessions will look at topics such as: challenges for decision-making and political leadership; competition for power and influence in Europe’s neighbourhood and conflict and instability in key regions and Europe’s capacity to address common security challenges. Speakers include: Michael Köhler, Director for Neighbourhood Policy, European Commission and Alain Le Roy, former executive Secretary General at the European External Action Service (EEAS).

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Media arrangements

11 December, Chatham House, London – The withdrawal deal and the UK Parliament: What happens next?

Paul Goodman, Editor, ConservativeHome will discuss the prospects of getting the withdrawal agreement through Parliament. He will also outline the possible next steps if the agreement fails to get UK parliamentary approval and discuss what affect the internal politics of the Conservative Party, as well as within Parliament more generally, might have on the outcome.


11 December, London – How did we get here? The political economy of immigration to the United Kingdom

Professor Jonathan Portes from The UK in a Changing Europe, a research initiative, will present a brief history of immigration policy and the immigration debate, set out some of the impacts of immigration and discuss the way forward for UK policy.

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12 December, Chatham House, London – EU-Turkey customs union: prospects for modernisation and lessons for Brexit

Fadi Hakura, Consulting Fellow and Turkey Project Manager, Europe Programme, Chatham House will discuss the current EU-Turkey customs union arrangement, prospects for its modernisation and share his insights on lessons for the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU.


12 December, London – Cyprus and emerging threats in the Eastern Mediterranean

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is hosting Savvas Angelides, the Cyprus Defence Minister, for a talk on regional security challenges and emerging threats in the Eastern Mediterranean. He will focus on his country's role in preserving peace in the region on the Cyprus-UK bilateral relations.