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EC President Juncker calls for strong, united EU and ambitious partnership with UK


President Juncker, State of the Union

Jean-Claude Juncker this morning delivered his fourth annual state of the union (#SOTEU) address. He took stock of the EU's recent successes and biggest challenges and set out a series of new policy initiatives on, for example, tackling terrorism and money laundering, protecting free and fair elections and managing migration. 


On Brexit, President Juncker said: "the United Kingdom will never be an ordinary third country for us…it will always be a very close neighbour and partner, in political, economic and security terms." However, he added that "if  you  leave  the  Union,  you  are  of  course  no  longer  part  of  our  single  market,  and certainly not only in the parts of it you choose."

A theme running through the speech was the need for "a strong and united Europe" to "protect  our  citizens  against  threats…from  terrorism  to climate change…protect jobs in an open, interconnected world…and master the challenges of global digitisation."

The full speech and associated documents, including press releases on each of the new policy initiatives announced, can be found here