Representation in United Kingdom

Exhibition: The Land of Roses


Landscape by Genko Genkov
©Genko Genkov (1923-2006). Landscape

Bulgarian Art from the Collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On the occasion of Bulgaria’s EU Presidency, the Embassy of Bulgaria in London and the 12 Star Gallery present an exhibition of 20th century Bulgarian art, predominantly from the collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exhibition will showcase works by leading Bulgarian painters, figurative and abstract, stretching over a time period that covers the last 50 years. These will include: David Peretz (1906-1982); Genko Genkov (1923-2006); Georgi Baev (1924-2007); Elza Goeva (b. 1928); Encho Pironkov (b. 1932); Nikola Manev (b. 1940); Suli Seferov (b. 1943); Alexander Kaprichev (1945-2008), and Vasil Stoev (b. 1950).

09/01/2018 - 10:00 to 19/01/2018 - 18:00

This is, indeed, a miniature part of what our artists have produced throughout time, but it has been very carefully selected, with the ambition to make the viewers feel the spirit of “The Land of Roses” on canvas. This exhibition, while small in terms of the number of the presented works, is quite impressive with its discrete and, at the same time, clear message. It aims to convey the story of the work of the Bulgarian painters from the last five decades with their skills, emotion, talent, and heart.

Organised by the Embassy of Bulgaria