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The European Commission's activities on education and training are designed to promote growth and jobs in Europe and contribute to the development of skills for the labour market.

Erasmus+, what's in it for you?

Teachers and students from the UK can study or teach abroad under dedicated, EU-financed programmes. The EU also offers a series of educational opportunities for young people who are not in formal education. You can learn more about these possibilities under Erasmus+, which is the EU's programme for education, youth, training and sports

Free EU sessions for FE students

Getting students to engage with the complexity of the European Union can be very difficult. Moving beyond simplistic pro or anti positions is a real challenge. We run impartial, politically neutral, interactive and fun sessions at Europe House for groups of secondary and FE students. To find out more and apply read more here

Looking for teaching resources about the EU?

Then you've come to the right place! We offer a wide range of free publications and teaching resources with free delivery.