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The European Union offers various funding opportunities for UK firms doing business in a market of nearly 500 million consumers. Doing business in the integrated EU market has become as easy as doing business in your home market.

A beginners' guide is available here to help you identifying the funding that will best suit your business needs, whether you are a Small company (SMEs), non-governmental organisation (NGOs), a  young person, researcher, farmer, public body or other.

A few short film examples of EC-funded projects in the UK

Scammers frequently use the European Commission’s name, along with those of its officials, to attempt to defraud businesses and individuals. Often they use the lure of the award of EU funding as bait or claim that certain formalities (including payment of a clearance fee) must be followed before money transfers can be ‘released’. Bogus survey companies may also claim to be working on behalf of the Commission. The European Commission will never make unsolicited requests for money or your bank account details. If you are contacted by anyone who you suspect is running a scam, which explicitly mentions the European Commission, we strongly advise that you do not enter into any correspondence with them and report the incident to the Action Fraud website. Please also inform us of your concerns via

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