Strengthening resilience

What is our objective? 

We aim to support the resilience of individuals, households and communities, by empowering them to withstand, adapt, and quickly recover from stresses and shocks, both from natural and man-made disasters.

This includes supporting food and nutrition security, protecting vulnerable livelihoods and promoting social protection schemes for the most vulnerable as well as IDPs, refugees and their host communities. By integrating a comprehensive approach to building resilience these programmes enable communities to benefit from greater access to basic services in line with national and local development strategies and plans. In this context, rural and conflict-prone areas receive a special focus.

How does this objective link to our action? 

If we can sustainably improve the coping mechanisms by increasing food security and promoting and protecting livelihoods of those displaced by environmental pressures , political oppression and conflict, we will contribute to reducing tensions between host and displaced communities; for example, allowing them to become more resilient to environmental shocks, better able to manage natural resources, and to improve protection of vulnerable individuals. 


Selected results*

152 351
Number of people receiving basic social services

Number of people receiving food-security related assistance

Number of people receiving nutrition assistance

Number of local development plans directly supported


Total 95

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