Improved migration management

What is our objective?

We aim to improve migration management in line with the migration related targets of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda, as well as the overarching framework of EU external migration policy, the European Agenda on Migration and the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility, as well as with high-level dialogues conducted through the Rabat Process and the Khartoum Process and the commitments made at the Valletta Summit on Migration. We support comprehensive migration policies, so as to enhance the implementation of legislative and regulatory frameworks aligned with international standards, conventions and agreements, to facilitate the management of civil status registration and the issuance of identity and travel documents, and to afford international protection to vulnerable groups.


How does this objective link to our action?

By strengthening institutions mandated to manage migration, we aim to support partner countries in developing national and regional strategies on migration management in line with international standards, to improve capacities  to prevent irregular migration and fight against trafficking in human beings and migrant smuggling, to facilitate sustainable and dignified return and reintegration, to seek durable solutions for people in need of international protection, to promote legal migration and mobility, and to enhance synergies between migration and development. As with all EU interventions, we ensure a human rights-based approach is taken across all of our programmes, including strict adherence to the principles of ‘non-refoulement’ and 'do-no-harm'.

By promoting legal migration and mobility, we aim to stimulate regional economic development, exchanges of knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship. We are enhancing comprehensive labour migration policies and helping to create administrative structures, to protect migrants’ rights, support skills management and recognition of qualifications, and to fight against illegal employment. Moreover, we aim to tackle trafficking in human beings and forced labour, and to reduce risks of prostitution, forced labour and other abusive situations. 


Selected results*

147 629
Number of migrants in transit and forcibly displaced people protected or assisted

891 963
Number of migrants, or potential migrants, reached out by information campaign on migration and risks linked to irregular migration

Number of Institutions (National and local) and Non-State actors directly supported through capacity building on migration management

Number of projects by diaspora members


Total 67

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