Improved governance and conflict prevention

What is our objective?

We aim to support improvements in overall good governance: promoting conflict prevention, addressing human rights abuses and enforcing the rule of law. For example, this may include capacity building to support national security and justice systems, as well as law enforcement, including border management. We foster inter-agency and regional cooperation among national forces addressing terrorism and organized crime, irregular migration, trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants. We are also contributing to prevent and counter radicalisation and violent extremism. 


How does this objective link to our action? 

By improving governance and supporting governments to provide more inclusive services to their citizens (including security and justice), we aim to create a more peaceful society that is conducive to economic and social development. We offer support to women’s organisations, to increase women's participation in decision-making and in peacebuilding processes. By reducing inequality and discrimination, we aim to reduce causes of irregular migration, while protecting women and children from systematic abuse along migration routes. Other measures also support the inclusion of groups traditionally discriminated against, in order to improve social cohesion and peace.


Selected results*

1 855 012
Number of people participating in conflict prevention and peace building activities

Number of border stations supported to strengthen border control

Number of staff from governmental institutions and internal security forces trained

2 132
Number of victims of trafficking, assisted or referred to assistance services


Total 73

News & Stories

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Formation de 15 fonctionnaires de police en service à la Division des Investigations Spéciales de la Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire

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L'action du GAR-SI au Mali

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The RASMI project: Building peace in Africa’s Mandera Triangle

Communities in the Mandera Triangle region connecting Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia have long endured conflict and political instability. With support from Pact's RASMI project, funded by the European Union Trust Fund for Africa, they are now leading their own efforts to manage conflict and build peace.