Alfredo Cáliz

Greater economic and employment opportunities

What is our objective?

We aim to establish inclusive economic development programmes addressing youths and vulnerable groups' employability through increasing their social and professional skills as well as enhancing effective job creation. This includes, support to existing and new MSMEs integrate local and regional value chains and access markets; as well as improving local business enabling environment and financial inclusion to boost self-employment, in particular for the youths and most vulnerable groups. 


How does this objective link to our actions? 

If we can support business environment enablers and bridge the skills gaps for the youth and most vulnerable groups, additional employment opportunities will be created, thus promoting stability, inclusive economic growth, social cohesion and development in selected regions of migration origins and regions with high growth potential. Our programmes are tailor made to meet the needs of youth, women and other vulnerable groups who face additional barriers preventing them to access economic opportunities and financial services. Our main assumption is that short and long-term grievances arising from economic and social exclusion, marginalisation and inequality are amongst the most significant drivers of violence, forced displacement and illegal migration. Through the EUTF for Africa, we therefore aim to provide alternative opportunities for communities to foster growth and development in the long term.

Selected targets*

167 760
Number of jobs created

Number of MSMEs supported

292 045
Number of people assisted to develop economic income-generating activities

197 714
Number of people benefiting from professional trainings (TVET) and/or skills development


News & Stories

Cours de couture au Centre de Formation Professionnelle de Sédhiou
NEWS | 10 January 2019

Le Bureau de Mise à Niveau des entreprises du Sénégal accompagne la création d'emplois dans les régions de départ

Le Bureau de Mise à Niveau des entreprises du Sénégal (BMN), partenaire du programme "Développer l'emploi au Sénégal – Tekki fii", propose aux chefs d'entreprises du Sénégal de les conseiller pour exploiter leurs potentialités de développement et les aider à transformer leurs entreprises. Le BMN contribue ainsi à l'objectif de...

Lancement du Programme Archipelago au Sénégal
NEWS | 12 December 2018

Archipelago : 15 millions d'euros pour améliorer l'emploi des jeunes dans la région Sahel et Lac Tchad

M. Mamadou Talla, Ministre de la Formation professionnelle de l’apprentissage et de l’artisanat et Mme Cécile Tassin Pelzer, Chef de la Coopération de l'Union européenne (UE) ont procédé ce jour, au lancement du programme régional Archipelago. Il s'agit d'un programme quadriennal visant à améliorer l'employabilité et l'intégration des jeunes sur...

Lancement du projet INTEGRA en Guinée
NEWS | 20 November 2018

Lancement du projet INTEGRA en Guinée

La République de Guinée et l’Union Européenne ont célébré aujourd’hui le lancement du Programme d’appui à l’intégration socio-économique des jeunes (INTEGRA) à Conakry. Le lancement a été présidé par SEM le Premier Ministre de la République de Guinée, Dr Ibrahima Kassory FOFANA, accompagné de nombreux ministres et plus particulièrement ceux...

Young entrepreneur Baboucarr Jaiteh expands his poultry business with support from the ITC Youth Empowerment Project in The Gambia
NEWS | 19 November 2018

From the backway, back home: Making it in The Gambia

Meet Baboucarr Jaiteh, who after facing imprisonment and enslavement on his journey to find a better future, makes it back to The Gambia to start a successful poultry business.

The eighth of January 2016 – that’s the day Baboucarr Jaiteh left his home in The Gambia in search of...