Alfredo Cáliz

Greater economic and employment opportunities

What is our objective?

We aim to establish inclusive economic development programmes addressing youths and vulnerable groups' employability through increasing their social and professional skills as well as enhancing effective job creation. This includes, support to existing and new MSMEs integrate local and regional value chains and access markets; as well as improving local business enabling environment and financial inclusion to boost self-employment, in particular for the youths and most vulnerable groups. 


How does this objective link to our actions? 

If we can support business environment enablers and bridge the skills gaps for the youth and most vulnerable groups, additional employment opportunities will be created, thus promoting stability, inclusive economic growth, social cohesion and development in selected regions of migration origins and regions with high growth potential. Our programmes are tailor made to meet the needs of youth, women and other vulnerable groups who face additional barriers preventing them to access economic opportunities and financial services. Our main assumption is that short and long-term grievances arising from economic and social exclusion, marginalisation and inequality are amongst the most significant drivers of violence, forced displacement and illegal migration. Through the EUTF for Africa, we therefore aim to provide alternative opportunities for communities to foster growth and development in the long term.

Selected targets*

167 760
Number of jobs created

Number of MSMEs supported

292 045
Number of people assisted to develop economic income-generating activities

197 714
Number of people benefiting from professional trainings (TVET) and/or skills development


Total 64

News & Stories

NEWS | 08 May 2019

Meet 20-year-old Alison, a South Sudanese refugee living in Uganda, who now earns a living selling beehives

It is a hot January afternoon in Imvepi refugee settlement in Arua district, home to almost 80,000 South Sudanese refugees.

Twenty-year-old Alison John and other fellow students, both refugees and locals, are busy making beehives out of timber. While they are still making their final touches, a buyer is already...

NEWS | 02 May 2019

Dans la province du Séno, les premières réalisations des projets voient le jour

Le projet "Insertion et Stabilisation socio-économique des Jeunes et des Femmes (ISJF) dans la province du Séno" a démarré en 2017. Initialement confié par l'Union européenne au Ministère des Affaires étrangères et de la Coopération internationale (MAECI), à partir de 2019 le projet est géré par le bureau de Ouagadougou...

NEWS | 24 April 2019

Bakel, à l'est du Sénégal : un suivi personnalisé des entrepreneurs pour les accompagner vers l'emploi durable

Le programme « Développer l’Emploi au Sénégal – Tekki fii », financé dans le cadre du Fonds Fiduciaire d’Urgence de l’Union européenne pour l’Afrique, accompagne de jeunes entrepreneurs à pérenniser leur commerce. Dans les régions de Tambacounda, Ziguinchor, Sédhiou et Kolda, un consortium composé de deux ONG (Gret et Eclosio)...

NEWS | 24 April 2019

ARCHIPELAGO first Call for Proposals published

The ARCHIPELAGO Programme funds private sector initiatives that contribute to facilitate access to the labour market for young people through improved employability and vocational education and training.
The First Call for Proposals provides grant funding of EUR 400.000 to EUR 600.000 for partnership projects to be implemented in the...