Adoption date 10/12/2019

Scale-up of programme “Managing mixed migration flows in Libya” - local governance and socio-economic development pillar

The proposed action falls under the North of Africa Window of the European Union Trust Fund for stability and addressing the root-causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa (EUTF – NoA). It builds on the approach and the objectives set under the 'local governance and socio-economic development Pillar' of the programme ‘Managing mixed migration flows in Libya through supporting local socio-economic development’ (T05-EUTF-NOA-LY-03), building up existing and expanding existing activities with additional funding. More specifically, it is a scale-up of the initiatives ‘Support to municipalities in Libya (SML)’ currently implemented by the GIZ, and ‘Resilience building for vulnerable children in Libya, including host communities, migrant and refugee children’ currently implemented by UNICEF.

In line with the EUTF-NoA priorities, the Overall Objective of this action is to contribute to the community stabilization efforts in Libya through improving local governance in the framework of (i) the implementation of the decentralization policy, and (ii) an improved access for vulnerable children to qualitative and inclusive child protection and education services in Libya.

Main objectives

The **Specific Objectives** (SO) are the following:

**SO1:** Access to municipal functions within the decentralization policy framework improved (aligned with EUTF-NOA Specific Objective 4.II: _Policy, legislative, institutional and regulatory frameworks fostering a more inclusive socio-economic development in the region are progressively established_);

**SO2:** Access of the population of selected municipalities to basic services has improved, including for children, regardless of their status (aligned with EUTF-NOA Specific Objective 4.VI: _Factors affecting social exclusion, social marginalisation, gender inequality and discrimination are prevented and mitigated_ _(GIZ) and _3.V: _Access to and quality of services for target groups and host communities is improved (UNICEF)_);

**SO3:** Social cohesion is enhanced, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups (aligned with EUTF-NOA Specific Objective 4.VII: _Stability and recovery of local communities, including migrant populations on the move and returnees, is progressively enhanced, most notably in conflict or post-conflict areas_).

The expected **results** (R) to be delivered are the following:

**Result 1**: Improved municipal capacities and systems for planning and implementation of good local governance policy (GIZ component);

**Result 2:** Improved delivery of basic services, including for children and education personnel, by selected municipalities affected by migration (GIZ and UNICEF components);

**Result 3:** Identification and improved support for social cohesion initiatives for vulnerable groups (GIZ component).

EUTF contribution

  • EUR 17 000 000


  • Bundesministerium fur wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung:
    EUR 3 000 000
    EUR 500 000