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In the Sahel and Lake Chad region, Nigeria is the first country of origin of irregular migration towards Europe. The country is currently faced with an important crisis in the North East States, prompting the displacement of about 2,2 million people.

Considering the fragile socioeconomic and food context in the country, the actions of the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa mainly locate in the States of Yobe, Gombe, Borno and Adamawa and focus on promoting an approach linking relief, rehabilitation and development (LRRD). This entails improving the access to basic services and enhancing livelihood and developing self-reliance opportunities for displaced people and host communities affected by the humanitarian situation.

In partnership with IOM, the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa also aims at strengthening the capacities of the national and local authorities regarding migration management, at assisting voluntary return of migrants on the migration route and at promoting awareness raising activities on the risks of irregular migration. A migrant resource centre as a local referral mechanism will be established in Edo State (Benin City).

The actions of the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa supplements the other cooperation instruments of the European Union at stake in Nigeria. 



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Histoire Aicha Keisse_Croix rouge BFCroix-Rouge Burkinabè
STORY | 22 March 2022

L’histoire d’Aicha Kessie : une mineure non-accompagnée en transit à Banfora, Burkina Faso

La Croix-Rouge burkinabè avec le projet « Assistance et protection des migrants les plus vulnérables en Afrique de l’Ouest », financé par l’Union européenne et soutenu par la Croix-Rouge espagnole et la Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise, contribue aux bien-être des femmes migrantes les plus vulnérables au Burkina Faso.

Depuis 2020,...

NEWS | 24 January 2022

Les modes alternatifs de financement de la formation professionnelle en Afrique face aux défis du futur

Le troisième atelier régional de partage du Réseau Africain des Institutions et Fonds de Formation Professionnelle (RAFPRO) s’est tenu à Saly-Portudal (Sénégal) du 16 au 18 novembre 2021 autour du thème : « Les modes alternatifs de financement de la formation professionnelle en Afrique face aux défis du futur».

L’atelier de Saly-Portudal a...

L’histoire d’Abou Talib HountoriaCroix Rouge
STORY | 04 January 2022

L’histoire d’Abou Talib Hountoria

« Ma situation avait commencé il y’a deux ans quand des hommes armés qui appartenaient au groupe Boko Haram avaient attaqué notre village au Nigéria. Ils ont tué mon père et amené mes deux sœurs laissant ma mère. Ayant perdu tout...

 EU IOM JI Arzouma's storyIOM / Alexander Bee
STORY | 22 December 2021

Arzouma’s successful return story

Arzouma returned from Algeria four years ago. His return was difficult: when he came back with no money in his pocket, family and friends alike turned their backs on him because of his failed attempt to migrate irregularly. He suffered a lot of discrimination and...