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Ghana is making important efforts to become a Middle Income Country. However, it's still facing some critical disparities, challenges to deliver basic social services by striving to build institutional capacity. The challenges of security - in particular against the background of a difficult regional context - are also manifold, ranging from organised crime to migrants trafficking. Lack of employment, low income and poverty, persisting corruption, sense of despair and pervasive perception that the only way to succeed is to migrate are quoted by the IOM as the main drivers for migration, and an increasing number of Ghanaians, especially young people, are risking their lives in search of better livelihoods.

Ghana is indeed a country of origin and transit but also a country of destination of regional migration, both legal and irregular. In this context, the Ghanaian government adopted a National Migration Policy at the end of 2016, aiming at providing a comprehensive framework to manage migration as well as enabling full biometric population registration.

The EU Trust Fund for Africa supplements the other cooperation tools of the European Union. It provides the Ghanaian government with the required support to protect vulnerable migrants assist voluntary returns and facilitate reintegration. The capacity of the government to monitor migration flows and trends is being strengthened, while awareness raising actions are led in origin regions. A support to improve law enforcement cooperation and sharing of criminal information in the region is also offered.


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EU-IOM Joint Initiative: Habi storyIOM / Alexander Bee
STORY | 26 November 2021

Habi’s return and reintegration story

Habi thought that she could easily earn money working as a maid in Libya and come back to Nigeria to take care of her children with some savings. In 2019, she sold all her belongings to pay for the trip. At three months pregnant, she crossed Benin and then Niger,...

REG-REG-04_EU-IOM_GH_Faustina success storyIOM
STORY | 29 September 2021

EUTF Success stories: Faustina

Faustina decided to leave Ghana for Libya to look for greener pastures. When she got there, it was not what she had expected. “Work wasn’t easy there. Walking from home to the workplace, you might be arrested,” she recounts. Nonetheless, she stayed for four years. Eventually, as things did...

GrEEn_Story AminatuUNCDF
STORY | 17 September 2021

Unpredictable rains mean subsistence farmers need a new approach - and improved market

One impact of climate change in central Ghana is the increasingly unpredictability of annual rains, robbing 43-year old subsistence farmer Boatemaa Aminatu and her six children of a reliable income and forcing them to rely on the goodwill of neighbours. However, Ms Aminatu hopes a new cash for work initiative...

GrEEn: Success story Mary YeboahUNCDF
STORY | 30 August 2021

Boosting Green Employment and Enterprise Opportunities in Ghana (GrEEn): A success story

The “Boosting Green Employment and Enterprise Opportunities in Ghana (GrEEn)” is a four-year action from the European Union, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ghana, UNCDF and SNV.

The project aims at creating greater economic and employment opportunities for youth, women and returning...