Adoption date 13/12/2018

Towards a Holistic Approach to Labour Migration Governance and Labour Mobility in North Africa

The programme will contribute to improving the governance of labour migration and the protection of migrant workers in the North of Africa by supporting the development and implementation of coherent and comprehensive policy frameworks guided by relevant human rights and labour standards and based on reliable data and evidence. These are essential for fair and effective labour migration governance and decent work. In addition, it will contribute to preparing, putting in place or improving legal migration and mobility schemes in cooperation with selected North African countries – Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia – and EU Member States, initially Germany and Belgium. Other EU MS might participate at a later stage.

Main objectives

The Overall Objective of the Action is to foster mutually beneficial legal migration and mobility, in line with the EU TF North of Africa Window Priority Action 2.

The Specific Objectives of the Action are the following:
1. Policy, legislative, institutional and regulatory frameworks in the field of legal migration & mobility are progressively established across the North of Africa countries;
2. Mechanisms for assessment, certification, validation and recognition of migrants' skills and qualifications are improved;
3. Migration related knowledge and data management in the field of legal migration and mobility is improved;
4. Mobility-schemes with selected North African countries – Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia - are established and/or improved;
5. Cooperation between relevant stakeholders in the field of legal migration and mobility, in particular job placement, is improved.

EUTF contribution

  • EUR 20 000 000


  • Bundesministerium fur wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung:
    EUR 5 000 000


This action in numbers

Number of jobs created
Number of people benefiting from professional trainings (TVET) and/or skills development
Number of individuals trained on migration management
Number of people benefitting from legal migration and mobility programmes
Number of activities/events explicitly dedicated to raising awareness and sensitivity of general public regarding migration
Number of strategies, policies and plans developed and / or directly supported