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The Trust Fund in Libya is building on the strategic lines set out in the Joint Communication 'Managing flows, saving lives' and the Malta Declaration to foster and support a migration management and asylum system in Libya that is consistent with the main international standards and human rights. In this respect, and given the dire situation in which migrants and displaced populations are stranded in Libya, the EUTF for Africa pays particular attention to protection and assistance to migrants and their host communities in the country in order to increase their resilience. It also provides, as essential life-saving measures, voluntary humanitarian repatriation for migrants and humanitarian evacuations for people in need for international protection. Finally, the EUTF for Africa supports the national authorities to foster their capacity to counter migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings and a more efficient integrated border management.

Check out the application/pdf factsheet to learn more about the EU support on migration in Libya.


Selected results*

66 483
Number of migrants in transit and forcibly displaced people protected or assisted

77 033
Number of people receiving basic social services

30 076
Number of migrants, or potential migrants, reached out by information campaign on migration and risks linked to irregular migration

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News & Stories

| 12 April 2021

Driving towards resilience: Samira regains hope in conflict-affected Libya

Samira is poised and fierce, as she recalls how she used to live before the war. Ten years ago, she would have never anticipated losing her way of living: elegant clothing, dinners in restaurants, a beautiful house. But the richness of her family attracted the attention of the militias. They...

| 08 March 2021

Women’s protection and empowerment remains a key priority for the EUTF in Libya

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of women, including those who’ve been helping out in the fight against COVID-19.
Women are at the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis as health care workers, caregivers, community organizers and leaders in fighting the pandemic.

Syrian refugee in Libya, Maha, a...

| 08 March 2021

The European Union supports COVID-19 pandemic response in Libya

The European Union’s (EU) €20 million “Protecting most vulnerable population from the COVID-19 pandemic in Libya” (“Salamati” = “My Safety”) programme provides coordinated support to Libyan authorities to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Libya. Working in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the United Nations Children’s Fund...

| 23 January 2021

Hanaa: a story of women empowerment in Misrata, Libya

The surname of Hanaa in Arabic means “the rich one”. Her smile and her eyes radiate an overwhelming richness and energy, just as her redemption story does.
Hanaa is 33. She has a degree in Aviation, a two-year-old daughter and another new-born child. She had to leave Sudan with...