Adoption date 06/07/2018

Integrated approach to protection and emergency assistance to vulnerable and stranded migrants in Libya

This programme aims to strengthen and enhance the capacity of relevant Libyan authorities through targeted training notably on international practices on detention policies, migration management, including the protection of the rights of migrants, and registration of migrants. This in itself includes providing assistance and protection at disembarkation points and detention centres with a specific focus on alternatives to detention. In addition, the programme will work with the Libyan Ministry of Labour to develop sustainable economic opportunities for migrants in the domestic labour market.

Main objectives

The overall objective of this programme is to reinforce protection, assistance and resilience of migrants and host communities (including Internally Displaced Persons and returnees) in Libya while supporting improved capacities for migration management along the migration routes in the country. To respond to the greatest needs, it will focus on a range of locations in Libya including disembarkation points, detention centres, urban settings and desert locations.

The specific objectives are to provide multi-sectoral assistance and protection to migrants and host communities in different locations inside Libya and enhance labour migration policy legislation, structures, and coordination mechanisms for effective labour migration management.

This action in numbers

20 335
Number of migrants in transit and forcibly displaced people protected or assisted
Number of social infrastructure built or rehabilitated