Algeria is both a country of transit and destination for migrants that cannot reach Europe and finally stay in Algeria irregularly. It has put in place legal and operational mechanisms to deal with the phenomenon of irregular migration, through a policy of prevention and control. The challenges faced by Algeria are linked to the difficulty to intercept irregular migrants in view of the vast land and coastal borders as well as the identification, the fight against migrant smuggling, transnational organized crime and the socio-economic integration of such migrants. Algeria favours the solution of voluntary repatriation of irregular migrants. Repatriation operations have already been carried out by the Authorities in collaboration with the countries of origin.

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Enregistrement des migrants volontaires au retourOIM
NEWS | 09 April 2018

Voluntary Humanitarian Returns from Libya Continue as Reintegration Efforts Step Up

IOM, the UN Migration Agency, announced on 13/03 that it has assisted 10,171 migrants to return home safely from Libya with support from the European Union, African Union, and the Libyan Government since the scale up of Voluntary Humanitarian Return (VHR) from the country started on 28 November last year....