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The Horn of Africa region faces challenges that go beyond country borders: climate change, forced displacement, demographic pressures, environmental stresses, various forms of conflict, trafficking of human beings and smuggling of migrants, as well as organised crime and violent extremism.  Our approach to address these challenges is geographically comprehensive and holistic, putting the region at the centre of our response.  On some projects, we are working with the regional organisation IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development), building on areas of work in which IGAD is active, such as durable solutions for refugees, peace and security and resilience building, and harmonisation of national policies and strategies.

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Selected results*

3 669 256
Number of people receiving basic social services

993 902
Number of people receiving food-security related assistance

188 572
Number of people assisted to develop economic income-generating activities

34 907
Number of people benefiting from professional trainings (TVET) and/or skills development

6 287
Number of migrants in transit and forcibly displaced people protected or assisted

News & Stories

EU-IOM Joint Initiative: Habi storyIOM / Alexander Bee
STORY | 26 November 2021

Habi’s return and reintegration story

Habi thought that she could easily earn money working as a maid in Libya and come back to Nigeria to take care of her children with some savings. In 2019, she sold all her belongings to pay for the trip. At three months pregnant, she crossed Benin and then Niger,...

Campaigns, such as this march in Yumbe in Uganda’s West Nile region, help create awareness among communities and individuals at risk of becoming victims of trafficking ©IOM
NEWS | 25 October 2021

UCATIP Uganda: a united voice against human trafficking

Uganda is battling with the menace of human trafficking. Men, women and children are trafficked from rural communities to large cities like Kampala for labour and sexual exploitation. Others, who seek better job opportunities in the Middle East, are often recruited under vague contractual conditions...

STORY | 29 September 2021

EUTF Success stories: Faustina

Faustina decided to leave Ghana for Libya to look for greener pastures. When she got there, it was not what she had expected. “Work wasn’t easy there. Walking from home to the workplace, you might be arrested,” she recounts. Nonetheless, she stayed for four years. Eventually, as things did...

Every year, tens of thousands of migrants and refugees including many children in need of protection travel to and through the Somaliland for economic and safety-related reasons©IOM
NEWS | 20 September 2021

Somalia: protecting children on the move

Approximately 450,000 children are on the move in Somaliland each year. ‘These children face a number of risks, from child marriage, rape and sex-trafficking to mental health problems and even death’, says Lawrence Oduma, UNICEF Project Manager responsible for the Children on the Move...