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Somalia has been affected for many years by insecurity, instability and increasing levels of violent extremism, all of which have led to weak state capacity and low levels of governance. Our actions aim to help consolidate the gains made in recent years towards peace, stability and prosperity, and to address Somalia's most pressing political, economic and security needs and aspirations. Conflict and climate change have led to a large number of refugees in neighbouring countries and displaced people within Somalia. We are supporting the safe and dignified return and reintegration of Somali refugees into stable areas of the country, as well as providing economic opportunities and basic services for vulnerable people including those affected by climate- or conflict-related shocks.


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10 404
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1 987
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News & Stories

For several decades, access to clean safe drinking water was a nightmare for the community members of Abore village in Somalia.BORESHA
NEWS | 21 September 2020

How the BORESHA programme is supporting access to water in cross-border regions in the Horn of Africa

By Maslah Mumin | BORESHA Project - "The long journey for water"

Issack Liban is a 56-year-old chief from Abore village in Gedo Region of Somalia who has worked tirelessly to lobby for the construction of a water reservoir for his village. For vulnerable and conflict-affected populations residing...

Over 15,000 residents across the three RASMI target countries were reached with COVID-19 and peace messages shared by boundary partners and public health officials through roadshow caravans.PACT
NEWS | 06 August 2020

From Peace Champions to COVID-19 Champions: RASMI Boundary Partners’ Double-Duty Response to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic in Mandera Triangle

With the goal of reducing conflicts and mitigating their impact, the EUTF-funded RASMI project works to enhance social capital and cohesion, strengthen peace structures, and ensure conflict sensitivity in efforts by private sector players. RASMI’s geographical reach extends from Mandera East, Rhamu and Banisa in Mandera County, Kenya, to Belet-Hawa,...

Ali is a young Somali following his passion thanks to the BORESHA TVET program DRC
NEWS | 24 July 2020

For the love of cars: Ali is a young Somali following his passion thanks to the BORESHA TVET program

By Bashir Abdifatah | DRC Somalia

One in three young people in Somalia are unemployed. Many grew up in an unsafe environment and had no access to education. Lack of job opportunities and skills development are increasingly leading youth to join extremist and other violent groups.  To help tackle this,...

Abdikadir Adan in the process of making a handwashing station. Dollow, Somalia. April 2020. Abdiwali | BORESHA
NEWS | 24 April 2020

Meet Abdikadir Adan, a man using simple innovations in the fight against COVID-19 in Somalia

By Abdiwali Muhamed | BORESHA Project

Abdikadir Adan aged 39 and a father of 9 children, lives in Dolow, Somalia. He is the owner of Horseed Garage, winner of an award in 2019 under the Grant Fund Facility of BORESHA under the Grow Your Business category. Established in...