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Somalia has been affected for many years by insecurity, instability and increasing levels of violent extremism, all of which have led to weak state capacity and low levels of governance. Our actions aim to help consolidate the gains made in recent years towards peace, stability and prosperity, and to address Somalia's most pressing political, economic and security needs and aspirations. Conflict and climate change have led to a large number of refugees in neighbouring countries and displaced people within Somalia. We are supporting the safe and dignified return and reintegration of Somali refugees into stable areas of the country, as well as providing economic opportunities and basic services for vulnerable people including those affected by climate- or conflict-related shocks.


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Number of people assisted to develop economic income-generating activities

3 062
Number of jobs created

1 520
Number of people benefiting from professional trainings (TVET) and/or skills development

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News & Stories

NEWS | 05 September 2018

Tukuley was a victim of physical abuse who found support and now raises awareness on gender-based violence in her settlement in Somalia

“I Thank God my injuries were not severe and I was able to recover. I am a confident woman now and I know how to survive what I lived through” Tukuley Ahmed Xussein, a 40 year old mother of ten, living at the Hiiran 2 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) settlement...

Abdullahi writing down his responses to questions asked and repairing a receiver during a practical lesson
NEWS | 28 August 2018

Abdullahi, a special needs child from Somalia, finds his place in the classroom through vocational skills training

Fifteen year old Abdullahi sits eagerly in his electronic repair vocational skills class at the Galckayo vocational training center in Puntland. One cannot tell that he is deaf. Abdullahi's formal education had been cut short due to lack of qualified specialized teachers and non-existent special needs education policies. But last...

NEWS | 24 August 2018

Hygiene & sanitation training: "It is challenging to promote these matters when children hail from families unable to meet basic needs”, head teacher at Somali primary school says

Every morning, Mohamed Abdi, head teacher of Daryel Primary School in Bossasso, welcomes his pupils at the school gates. Most of them hail from internally displaced (IDP's) and very poor families for whom, among many pressing struggles, there is an urgent need to access clean and safe/potable water, latrines and...

Bullo Rasas, inside her tea shop in an IDP camp in Bossasso which was established through the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, Durable Solutions for IDPs and Returnees in Somalia Project in Puntland.
NEWS | 24 August 2018

Trying to provide for her family, Somali Bullo suffered a mother's biggest loss: ‘’I will not send my children to work again. I live with the guilt of losing my daughter’’

40 year old Bullo is working in her small tea shop in the bustling streets of an Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Bossasso. As she attentively caters pancakes and tea to   customers, one cannot tell the loss Bullo has faced.

Like most IDPs, Bullo fled her hometown with nothing...